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Ladies and Gentlemen,


       The American Legion is launching a national awareness campaign to raise funds to help our organization assist veterans, their families, young people and communities. The first installment of that campaign will focus on the mental health needs of veterans, particularly those who are battling the signature wounds of today's war era: PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI).


        Because these messages will air nationally arid before audiences that may be unfamiliar with The American Legion and its services, you may receive calls, visits and other correspondences from veterans in need, or their families. If the request is routine, please handle as you usually would, as being a service organization. 

Subject: The American legion launches New Fundraising and Awareness Campaign

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I have enclosed a letter from the American Legion. It has some phone numbers for a

VA Emergency Support Service

such as the suicide prevention hotline, texting service and online chat service.


Regards Jack Williams ( Post Adjutant ).

VA Emergency Support Service

       If a veteran comes to you or your post as a result of the message, please be welcoming and helpful. Offer him or her the services of the nearest accredited American Legion service officer, who can easily be found online at or connect the veteran to local resources through your post service officer or other members.

       If the need is urgent, refer the veteran or family member to a VA emergency support service, such as:

       • Suicide prevention hotline: 800-273-8255, press 1. 

       • Texting service: 838255

       • Online chat service:

Missouri City, Texas.

Donations Gratefully


American Legion Post 294 Missouri City Texas