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They are a small group who has also created free guides for college students looking to secure their first job upon graduation, as well as high school students ensuring that they are cognizant as to what they put online when applying to colleges.  They are simply an informational website trying to spread the word to people to protect their online reputations, as unfortunately, each of us in the group have been negatively impacted by false online info in the past.

They know associations are always looking for new information that could be beneficial to the people of their community, and they strongly feel like their guide would make a good fit for our website.  Again, the information is free and there are no copyright issues.  If you have any questions at all about the guide, or what their group does, Cindi would be more than happy to assist.


Her email address is:

Cindi Peterson has been working with a group of volunteers to create free guides to assist people in monitoring as well as managing their online reputation.  They believe associations like the American Legion are very important to our members, and they have created a guide that would serve as a benefit to our members who are looking for employment. 


The guide can be found at the link below:

Job Seekers Guide Web Site Link

American Legion Post 294 Missouri City Texas